From A Small Town To The Big City

I’ve spent this past summer in Toronto. That might not sound like a big deal, but I grew up in a small town with only 4000 people. Although I’ve been going to school in London for the past three years it’s different than actually working and experiencing a real big city. Here’s what i’ve learned this summer.

Transit is everywhere (and it’s hard)


For those of us who didn’t grow up taking the subway/bus/streetcar every where, it can be confusing. Slowly you get used to it, but not before you get lost a few times.

Commuting is expensive


We’re all told that commuting makes the world greener, but what we fail to consider is how much green that takes. I took the train 2 hours each day, and let’s just say that type of commuting adds up.

You will find your people


Growing up in a small town it can feel like you’re alone, especially when you don’t fit the norm. Going to the city there are so many people around that you’re guaranteed to find people you have things in common with.

It’s not as scary as you think


It can really be intimidating moving somewhere so different from what you’re used to. So many people, buildings and other things can be confusing and terrifying at first. After you get used to it it’s amazing to live in the city with so many things at your finger tips.

There’s always something to do


Coming from a place where hanging out with your friends meant going to Tim Hortons, and going shopping meant at least a 45 minute drive, it’s amazing to have so many things at your fingertips. It can be overwhelming having so much available, but it’s also so amazing.

You’ll still miss home


As great as the city is, as many friends as you’ll make, you’ll still miss home. Whether it’s your parents, or the serenity of a small town, or even your childhood home, you’ll miss it. Moving on is a part of life but you’ll still miss where you grew up, and want to go back from time to time.


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