To Worry Or Not To Worry

Growing up we receive so many mixed messages. We need to try and get good grades, but we also need to be kids and have fun. We need to try our best to be good people, but we also need to be ourselves. As we get older this stress gets harder to balance, and as millennial know, the stress can be over whelming.

I’ve recently started having double vision. Of course I immediately panicked; not being able to see properly is something to worry about. Since then I’ve seen doctors, optometrists, and an ophthalmologist (which is an eye doctor specialist) and they all say the same thing, I have great vision and healthy eyes, except i’m seeing double. The conclusion? I have fatigue and am too stressed causing my eye muscles to twitch and me to see double.Β Isn’t it crazy that something we take for granted, like vision, can be affected by something like our stress levels.

Twenty years ago it was no big deal to go to school, get a job, and live your life. Today we have to worry about everything, from what school we go to, to every extra curricular; even our free time is spent on social media where we feel pressured to look and portray a certain Β persona.

Personally I’ve been so stressed for so long that I don’t even feel it anymore. In fact, a day off or a bit of relief feels uncomfortable because I don’t know what to do. This is the reality of most people my age. We’ve grown up with so much pressure on ourselves in a crumbling society, and job market. We’re told not to worry about things we can’t change, until we get to an age where we’re meant to worry about everything.

After receiving my diagnosis my mom asked me if I felt less stressed knowing what was causing my double vision. I had to tell her I was more stressed because now I felt pressure to feel less stressed. I think a lot of us live in this place. Where we know we have too much going on, or too much weighing us down, but we don’t know what to do about it. I think all we can do is accept that we have this pressure, and do our best to have some fun along the way.

We may live in a stressful society, but we can’t forget that sometimes we need to step away and have a bit of fun too.


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