“Rogue One” Is The Star Wars Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed

*This article was originally published on HerCampus Western Ontario*

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away the first Star Wars movie was made. Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago and it was here on Earth, but it feels as if the movies are from a different, amazing time and place.

We all know how popular this movie is, and with reason because it’s so good. When the prequels were released, however, the reviews weren’t quite so kind; every Star Wars fan knows someone who can’t stand Jar Jar Binks (Okay, so he wasn’t the best addition).

When Disney bought Lucasfilm and decided to add to the series there was a lot of confusion: will they be amazing? Do we need them? Obviously we always need more Star Wars. The seventh film was a hit, and with its female lead, Rey, it was a small victory for female Star Wars fans.

Rogue One is the first Star Wars film that does not fall into the episode category of the movies, and that made me nervous when going to see it. Was it going to feel very different than the other ones? Would it be confusing? Would it be amazing?

Amazing it was.

For those of you who have no idea what Rogue One is about, it takes place before the fourth movie (the original) as the rebels secure the plans for the Death Star which Princess Leia has at the beginning of the fourth.

The female lead (yasss) Jyn, is looking to help her father who designed the Death Star against his will. There’s nothing like a female lead working to rescue a man.

We are told in the fourth film that the plans came “at great cost” and in this film we get to learn exactly what the cost was. The cast is hilarious with some great moments including a new droid to love. Not to mention we get a much better understanding of the development of the Death Star and how the rebels came to learn and understand it.

The biggest shock for me was that the movie ends exactly as the fourth movie begins, with no time lapse. In fact, I went right home and watched it because it felt like I needed to continue what was happening. It gave so much context!

There’s nothing like an action movie with a female lead. Especially when that movie is Star Wars.


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