The March On Washingt[Lond]on

I’m sure most of the world is aware of the Women’s March On Washington that took place this past weekend. While I’m Canadian I thought it was important to take part in the march, if only from far away.Β There was a march taking place in London, where I live, and I attended in support of women around the world, including myself, that have experienced sexism and women issues.

While there are many stories on many platforms about the signs, the attendance, the celebrities and other factors I felt I needed to make a comment on the issues that drove me to go to the march.

First off I think it’s very important to note that this march was for all women for me. We can’t forget intersectionality when we attend a rally like this. Every woman’s experience is different, and every woman has an experience, no matter race, sexuality, gender at birth, parentage, religion, nationality or any other factor.

I didn’t know what to expect when going to the march. I had never been to a protest so I had nothing but movies and online images to guide me in what to expect. I expected us to march. That was all I expected. I thought a few young women, like me would be the only in attendance. I thought that we would march and that would be all.

I was wonderfully mistaken. The march, though much smaller than the one in Washington was beautiful, with speakers and poets and singers, each bringing something different to the discussion. We heard about the missing and murdered indigenous women, sexual assault, the lack of women in politics, and women who just needed their voice to be heard. We came together to experience this wide range of issues that all affect women. It was amazing.

The crowd at the event was also something I never expected. The young, the old, women and men, all crowded together to hear, and cheer and share together. It was so empowering to see that such a wide variety of people were able to come together for the same cause that should matter to us all. Knowing that families would bring their children, boys and girls, to learn and support equality meant a lot to me.

While I am devastated by the reason behind these marches (Trump) I am amazed and in awe by the power and passion behind people all over the world to take a stand. Thank you to everyone who lives their lives in pursuit of equality. Feminism for all.


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