Netflix’s Riverdale

I grew up reading the Archie comics, like so many people. To this day there’s always at least one comic shoved next to the toilet at home for bathroom reading; so when I learned that there wasΒ a live action Riverdale show in the works I was excited. Last night the show finally had its premiere, and it was nothing like I expected.

The show carries a lot of what we remember from the comics we grew up with, but also a whole lot of changes. The show begins with the death of Jason Blossom (Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother), turning the happy go lucky gang into a true crime drama. The characters are all a lot darker than I remember them from the comic. (But that’s not a bad thing).

The story is told by Jughead (Cole Sprouse!!!!) who is writing a book. My girl Betty is just meeting Veronica, whose new to Riverdale; a twist I wasn’t expecting. And this new Betty is a lot more intense than the girl next door we’re accustomed to. Aderall, intense parental pressure and a sister who went through a lot, all make up a darker Betty.

The show has also made sure to take on a modern edge, making a lot of pop culture references, like Veronica calling Archie a ‘red headed Ansel Elgort.’ It’s clear that this is the modern Archie gang dealing with millennial problems, along with murders and embezzlement for fraud. (okay not all things we go through).

However, the show was witty and kept me hooked. While it might not be for everyone I can see this show taking the place of Pretty Little Liar as the dark mystery saga we all need.Β I can’t wait to see the twists and turns that this show takes, bring our childhood back in a way we never expected.

I’ll see you next time in Riverdale.

*Photo credit to the Facebook Riverdale page*


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