50 Shades Darker Than Usual

Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated video for their song “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” came out today, and it’s the darkest thing I’ve seen from Tay Tay.

Don’t get me wrong, the song is jamming, and the video is visually beautiful but it’s not what I expected from my girl. I love both these artists and so coming together it was inevitable that they would produce something incredible.

The video opens with Zayn looking like a dapper business man, but it’s clear he is not from the paparazzi that follows him. T Swizzle follows, looking sexy in a bralette and robe. While the pair look outstanding they don’t have many scenes together to show us their chemistry (if they have any).

While I love the song I’m not sure the video conveys any real story that isn’t clear though the lyrics. So Taylor and Zayn, keep up the good work, but maybe next time add some chemistry to the video.


One thought on “50 Shades Darker Than Usual

  1. notsosilent1989 says:

    I personally think that the song is amazing, i love it to bits, Taylor and Zayn are my favourite artists, they are just so talented ❤ I think the music video is dark (which is good!) sexy and amazing but i did expect some sort of story to be in the video but oh well! its still stunning :))


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