Promise Rings Are Not a Thing of the Past

*This article was originally published on HerCampus Western Ontario*

When you think of a promise ring you most likely picture a time far off. You may be picturing an old black and white movie, where the young couple was “courting” and hand holding was about as intimate as it got.  While it is something seen more commonly in the past, promise rings are not gone for good. Anyone who has one knows how meaningful they can be, especially in our day and age.

We live in a time of hookup culture, where most people are moving from person to person rather than having a lasting relationship. While there is nothing wrong with these types of relationships, it can make monogamous relationships confusing. Commitment is a big deal, so finding ways to show your commitment to your significant other can often be difficult, or even confusing. This can be especially relevant for a couple that began as a casual hookup, or had a friendship that became a relationship. In these situations commitment can seem complex, even when you talk about it with your significant other.

When my friends from high school, who were in long term relationships, started getting promise rings from their boyfriends I had mixed feelings. Sure it was adorable and their rings were beautiful, but I didn’t understand the point of the promise ring in our time. It seemed unnecessary to have an item to show that they were together, because they weren’t married or engaged. I didn’t see the point.

After being in a long term relationship myself, and receiving a promise ring, I understand that this is something different and powerful.

It’s not necessary to show your love or commitment with an object, and there are plenty of other ways to convey your feelings. However, a promise ring symbolizes a relationship that’s important to both people. Of course rings have always had a symbolism of commitment, but this is a broader significance.

To me, my promise ring reminds me of my partner every time that I look at it. Since I’m in a long distance relationship it helps to remind me that i’m loved. Even when I’m having a bad day, am feeling down and can’t see my boyfriend I can see my ring and remember that I’m loved. Everyone can feel insecure in their relationship sometimes, and a promise ring helps to lift you up and feel cared for, no matter what.

Any type of gesture can make you feel loved by your significant other. There are many different ways that you can tell someone you love them, and remind them how much you care. Promise rings are one great way of showing these feelings and being reminded of your love. We may make fun of a lot of old romantic stereotypes that seem hopelessly out of date, but promise rings should not be one of them.


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