Where Have All The CD’s Gone

Music is one of the ways that people are able to connect with each other. Listening to music has a huge history and it was only improved with the ability to buy the music and to take it home with you. So why is it so hard to buy CD’s anymore?

I’ve been growing my music collection for as long as I can remember. My dad used to buy me a new CD for every holiday; it was the way that we connected best, through our shared love for music. To this day I get exciting by going to pick up a new album release of one of my favourite artists.

But HMV is closing. The music industry has been declining since the creation of Napster, people stealing their music rather than paying for it. Sure free things are nice, but stealing music isn’t worth it.

If you’ve been to a concert recently you may have noticed that prices are going through the roof. Not only for the tickets to see the show but also for a concert tee. The foundation of letting people know what artists you’ve seen live, can be more expensive than the tickets. Why? Because artists are making most of their money from touring since so few people are buying their albums.

It’s nice to save a few bucks. I don’t think anyone likes to spend money when they don’t have to, but it doesn’t make stealing music okay.

Musicians spend all of their lives honing their craft and taking lessons, practicing, writing and rewriting. These people deserve to have us pay for the art that they’re making. While I may be biased having a musician for a father, I think this gives me an understanding of the real cost that the craft has. Something we should be appreciating.

Of course there are online music stores like iTunes, where you pay for the music. But an online library doesn’t compare to the feeling of searching through a physical music library for the perfect CD. There’s nothing like staring at a wall of albums. There are lots of people who refuse to read e-books because they don’t compare to having the physical book in your hand, CDs can be the same way.

Not to mention the feeling of browsing a music store. Looking at the all of the albums and maybe picking up something you never thought you’d listen to.

Opening a new album can feel so gratifying. You get to experience the visuals of the cover art, the CD image and everything the CD booklet has to offer. In my opinion this is an important part of experiencing the album itself. Not to mention the lyrics come in the booklet. I know I find listening to a CD for the first time while I read the lyrics in the booklet a great way to fully experience the album. We loose this immersion when we only listen online.

Buying music online also means that the CD experience is interrupted. You might buy just one or two singles off an album and miss the experience that the entire thing creates. Albums like Marianas Trench’s Ever After was made where one song flows into the next. This is lost when you have it on shuffle or only download some of the music. Or you might not have enough space on your phone so you delete your old music to make way for the new, and forget all about those songs that you swore were the best you’d ever heard.

There are music stores other than HMV out there, it’s true. But most of them are only found in big cities and charge an arm and a leg for one album. You can always go to Walmart, but unless what you’re looking for was in the top forty that month there’s not a good chance you’ll find it.

When I saw La La Land this month, and went from the theatre to the nearest HMV to buy the soundtrack they didn’t have it because they’re going out of business. I don’t have it now because it’s too hard to find. One music store going out of business has made it infinitely harder to find the music that I want.


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