6 Reasons to Love Vintage Shopping

**This article was originally published on HerCampus Western Ontario**

Fast fashion is a huge part of the fashion industry. As soon as you buy that fur jacket or cute bralette, it seems to be out of style. Thrift shopping, on the other hand, is timeless and can be better than shopping at your traditional mall. Here’s why thrift shopping is the greatest:

1. It’s cheaper!

This may seem pretty obvious, but it can be easy to overlook how much of a difference shopping at the thrift shop can make on your wallet. Buying a twenty dollar top at Forever 21 never feels like a big deal, until you realize how frequent it is. When you’re thrift shopping you’re saving tons of money. (Because you were going to buy new shoes anyway, right?)

2. You’re saving the environment

It’s easy to forget just how wasteful fashion can be. It takes a lot to produce each and every garment and reusing helps to save the earth. Even donating old things you don’t want can give you a sense of pride in saving the world. You could even host a clothing swap with friends to get some new finds while not consuming anything new.

3.You can find some amazing things

Seriously, you never know what you’re going to find because it’s a different experience every time. Sure you might come across something cute from H&M or Zara but you can also find major designers, old favourites and things you’ve never heard of from stores you never thought to go in.

4. What’s old will become new again

It’s right in the title; vintage shopping. Something from the 60s that was donated by someone who has no use for it could be super trendy today. Not to mention this means that you can get some really original pieces that none of your friends will have; no more showing up to the club wearing the same shirt as everyone else.

5. You’re supporting some great causes

Most second-hand stores are partnered with different charities and organizations. This means that shopping at those stores often means you’re supporting your community or other wonderful organizations. How often can you say you’re shopping for charity?

6. It’s fun

For shopaholics, the thrill of the chase can be the best part of shopping, and vintage shops are the best because you have no idea what’s inside. Not to mention you can find some very kooky items at a thrift shop, guaranteed to bring a lot of laughs. It’s a different experience every time you go, and sometimes finding the weirdest things can be the best part.

While shopping at the mall is great, and sometimes you have your eye on something very specific, don’t forget about thrift shopping.


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