Beauty of a Movie

If you’re like me you’ve been waiting for the live action adaption of Beauty and the Beast to roll into theatres since, well since they announced they were making it. Let me start off by saying this movie is already killing it in the box office.

Normally I wouldn’t notice it, but it took me three different showings to finally get tickets to see it. And the theatre was seriously packed, but it was worth it because the movie was stunning.

It was gorgeous, every costume and set piece all throughout the movie was just beautiful. The sets all seemed very dynamic as well which is really great to see in a movie like this where you want the castle to look amazing. The clothes were equally as stunning, I’m sure the costume designer had a hey-day with this one. While I’ve never been a huge fan of Belle’s classic yellow ball gown, she did don a beautiful white dress with embroidery at the end of the film that was all the princess dress I ever needed.

Beyond that the cast did an outstanding job in their roles. Gaston, played by Luke Evans, Β was my favourite. Not an expected outcome for me but he played into the role so well that he had me! Not to mention his sidekick LeFou, played by Josh Gad, played with his character so well.

Emma Watson was completely stunning as well, the only problem was that her singing voice was very auto-tuned. It might have been better ifΒ another voice was used for her rather than auto-tuning hers.

There were also a lot of amusing additions and plot development that I quite enjoyed. We learn more about Belle’s mother, and how she was lost to the plague, and we understand more of the beast’s childhood.

One of my favourite subtle nods was in Be our Guest, when Lumiere says “After all this is France”he slices a loaf of bread in a manner that’s a nod to the guillotine which was prominent in 18th century France.

I was also thrilled that all (major) songs made the cut to be in the movie. I was also pleasantly surprised that there were a few new songs. I did hear the melody of Home, from the Broadway musical of the same name, but sadly the entire song didn’t make the cut.

Although it took a lot of effort to see the movie I am so happy I did. It was just the magic that I expect from Disney, and it worked with the originally classic rather than against it. If the next Disney live action remakes go this well I’ll be thrilled!



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