Preparing For Fitness

Like many young girls (and guys) I have recently become focused on my fitness. While I would love to have a stereotypically ideal body, what’s important is that I work for it in a healthy way and I put my health first.

This means when I took on my fitness challenge I wanted to make sure that meant eating healthy and exercising right. I’ve spent the last three months working out on a schedule meant to slowly increase my fitness and endurance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.48.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.48.39 PM

As seen above is my workout chart! I wanted to start slower and get my body used to things, while working my way up. I took rest days based on my need because my schedule is always changing.

However I have seen some small results from keeping up this routine. First I have noticed a slight tone in my tummy (yay). I have also noticed how much my endurance has changed, which is so amazing to me.

Finally I’ve realized how much I actually like working out. It seriously carries some great endorphins and can get your day started on the perfect note. I’m keeping on my fitness road and maybe one day I’ll be in amazing shape!

I’m sharing my workout chart incase anyone else wants to join my path to fitness. I find it’s rewarding to have a chart like this so you can cross off days and see the progress you’re making. I’m going to keep with this method. Wish me luck!


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