13 Reasons Why You Should Check This Show Out

If you’ve been living under a rock or been too distracted by the end of the school year (university) you may have missed Netflix’s newest original series: 13 Reasons Why, based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher.

If you haven’t already binged the show you have to, NOW. Here’s why:

  1. The cast is amazing
    All of these actors had to film some very difficult scenes, but they do amazing at conveying things in a realistic way that brings the story to life.
  2. Selena Gomez worked on the show
    Okay compared to everything else this might seem small. But I consider Selena a kind of role model especially when it comes to putting mental health first and so her input on the project means a lot to me.
  3. It’s a Netflix original
    Those of you who are obsessed with Stranger Things, or the different Marvel shows know the power of a Netflix show. This show is no different in how amazing it is.
  4. It talks about suicide in a realistic way
    Suicide is one topic that we tend to shy away from because it can be difficult. This show helps to start the conversation about suicide as a problem and some of the factors that can contribute to someone making that choice.
  5. It keeps you hooked
    I’ve heard the same thing from everyone whose watched the show, it’s impossible to look away. Once you start the show you won’t be able to stop.
  6. It highlights the problem of online bullying
    Online bullying is a serious problem right now. While we might hear about the need to stop online bullying, this show shows what cyber bullying can look like and how it can affect people.
  7. It’s very smart
    Every moment of the show is very smart, tackling different issues in different and important ways.
  8. It brings the book to life in a new way 
    I read the book in high school after hearing amazing things about it, and I didn’t love it. Sure I thought it was good but it didn’t touch me in the same way that the show did, which is rare for me since I’m usually a book over movie person.
  9. It shows how the smallest thing can make a world of difference 
    This will make a lot more sense to people who have watched the entire show. Basically we are able to see how small, bad things can add up, so even the smallest action can affect someone deeply.
  10. It shows sexual assault and rape in detail 
    It’s very difficult to watch in the show, which was one of the goals of the creators. Sexual assault is often glossed over because it’s a hard topic, so the show takes it upon itself to show the real and graphic side of things. Something that we need to understand and talk about.
  11. It talks about issues related to sexual assault  
    The show doesn’t just show these things, they talk about different issues. This includes how it can be difficult for people to talk about assault that they’ve been through.
  12. It’s starting a much needed conversation
    Suicide, sexual assault, bullying, this show covers so many issues in a way that people can understand. I’ve seen numerous people posting about the impact that the show has had on them, which is great to see.
  13. It was difficult to watch, in a good way 
    While this show made me turn away at points (in a good way) it covered so many different things that I’ve never seen on tv. If you watch the short 30 minute making of the show, after watching, you’ll have a much better understanding of how and why different choices on the show were made.


*Cover photo is from Dylan Minnette’s Instagram*


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