Girlboss is Gold

If you love fashion and girls who own their sass, then you’ll ADORE #Girlboss on Netflix.

While I hadn’t read the book by the same name by Sophia Amoruso before watching, I did immediately run out and buy it. (Well after watching the first three episodes).

For those of you who don’t know the show (and book) follow Sophia as she sets up her amazing company, Nasty Gal, which is an iconic brand for any fashion girl. Like any good rags to riches story Sophia starts on the ground floor, with an eviction notice, loosing her job and a hernia. (Alright, not all typical rags to riches things).

While the show emphasizes that it is ‘loosely based’ on the real Sophia’s life, the journey that she takes from one girl with a love of fashion, to a fashion empire is real. And inspiring.

While some may not enjoy the brashness of our lead, I found it refreshing to have a female lead that has no problem swearing, getting laid, and having a less then ladylike take on life. In fact it’s something that we need more of on tv today. While I struggle to relate to almost perfect female protagonists, Sophia’s real life quality kept me watching and feeling like I was just like her.

If you love fashion you’ll love the show. Seeing all of the amazing pieces and outfits that Sophia puts together was so fun. It’s one of the things that I find myself drawn to when watching tv (Hello Pretty Little Liars). A show that revolves around fashion, with a great plot, is an additional way to keep me hooked. Plus most of the fashion is vintage. It is Nasty Gal after all, making me drool for the oh-so-fabulous leather jackets, and vintage pantsuits.

The show also features a cast of vibrant characters. From Sophia’s hilarious counterpart Annie, to sassy neighbour Lionel, who is played by the one and only RuPaul, the show packs a punch with players to keep you hooked. Not to mention Sophia’s sexy boy toy Shane, who of course is a musician.

The season draws to a close as Nasty Gal has its online debut, after changing from an ebay store to an international sensation in its own right. I for one cannot wait to see how Sophia will handle the pressures of a store with that much expansion. And hopefully some more relationship growth.

Seriously, if you’re looking for your next binge this is where to start. The show only has thirteen episodes so far making it a relatively quick binge. Hopefully Netflix will have more soon!

*Photo taken from girlbossnetflix Instagram page.*


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