Riverdale is Over, For Now

I’ve been watching Riverdale since it premiered, constantly going back and forth about whether I was actually enjoying the show. Is it doing something good, is the mystery compelling? Last night was the season finale, and while it answered some questions it also left me wondering.

*Warning there are going to be spoilers*

Last week’s episode clarified that Clifford Blossom, Jason’s father was his murderer! Since we got a conclusion on the mystery I was wondering what could be the focus of the finale. And boy did it have some ups and downs.

One thing I loved was that the show recognized that this resolution, and Clifford’s suicide would have some lasting effects on his family. Primarily Cheryl who struggled very hard with the death of her brother. Statistically those who have lost someone to suicide are more likely to attempt themselves, and since Cheryl didn’t know how to cope with her losses she did attempt this route. While I thought it was powerful and important for the show to examineΒ how she was mentally unwell, I was very upset that the characters did not get her any medical treatment. Even if they thought she was okay, they just pulled her out of a frozen lake, take the girl to the hospital!

There was a lot of character development this episode, but none that clarified anything for me. Veronica’s mom had seemed like an okay person, but now she’s worse then Betty’s mom! And when did Archie and Veronica’s one night stand turn into a relationship?

Honestly I hate Archie’s character, although he did save Cheryl he seems to be constantly flip flopping between girls: Mrs Grundy, Val, (Cheryl?), and now Veronica. While I’m drawn more and more into Jughead’s character, as exaggerated as it can be. At least he is a constant and has a consistent relationship.

I was wondering through the entire episodeΒ how itΒ was going to end. The murder was solved, and while there’s bound to be more high school drama in season two, what would the big cliffhanger be? Maybe a zombie apocalypse with Jason’s realistic appearance under the ice.

I was disappointed to see that shooting Fred Andrew’s was the way to go. The robbery seemed very random and out of place. (Especially after the awkward Archie hand washing scene.) Not to mention that now Jughead is now a part of the south side serpents, and will be under more scrutiny.

After all of this I can honestly say I can’t wait to see what happens next season, since I’m never expecting the strange and often awkward twists.

*Image taken from the Riverdale Instagram account*


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