The 100 Season 4 Finale

Is it season five yet?

That’s how I feel about the season finale of The 100.

For those of you who don’t obsess over the show (you should), the season four finale revolved around last minute preparations for a trip to space to avoid what is basically the end of the world.

While I knew that the groupΒ would be able to come together and get themselves to space I didn’t expect the twists and turns that took place throughout the episode.

*SPOILERS* I had expected that at least one person would not live through the finale, as is the typical The 100 fashion. When it became clear that Clarke was the one on her own I knew I was wrong, since I can’t see the show going on without her.

What was interesting is that she was able to survive without the protection of a bunker, and more importantly food if her night blood did work. The last few minutes of the show left me with more questions then answers. (Which makes for a good cliffhanger but is also frustrating).

One of my theories is that it is Clarke and other night bloods that were able to survive because of their blood. But that still leaves the question of why Bellamy and the others are not back yet and who are the others coming down to Earth.

I have so many questions to be answered for next season:

  1. Who is the little girl that was with Clarke?
  2. Are there other kids?
  3. How did they all survive without a bunker and food?
  4. Will any of group in spaceΒ be pregnant or have kids?
  5. How did living in the bunker with the grounders go?
  7. And is it time for season five?

*Image taken from the The 100 @cw_the100 Instagram*


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