Wonder Woman Is What We NEED

For those of you like me, you have been crying out for a female hero worthy of admiration.

As much as I adore Marvel’s Black Widow, she has yet to receive the respect she deserves, ie. her own movie. (Seriously how long are we going to have to wait for that). However, DC’s Wonder Woman has finally taken the lead and given us a feminist female hero to look up to. While I’m not typically a fan of the DC films (Marvel all the way), after hearing the rave reviews of Wonder Woman, I knew I had to see if she was really what I have been waiting for.

*Warning, spoilers*

The movie had a feminist rhetoric that I loved. Importantly Diana, aka Wonder Woman, could not understand the treatment of women out in the human world, and made it clear that she was the badass woman we all need to be. From not understanding the way women dress, to calling out for female warriors and questioning female jobs, she owned her power and made a statement.

She spent the film taking the lead as her male co-stars followed, she was the one making real changes, she was the first to charge into battle. Of course they followed, but it was Diana’s bravery and skill in battle that led the way.

The first part of the film let us see the Amazons, all women, all warriors, and all amazing. These women were fighters, trained to save the world and keep peace. It was refreshing to see such a female centric section in a superhero movie.

But don’t let that make you think that the movie didn’t have some laughs. It was amusing, and got some real laughs out of me at points, often making men the butt of the joke. Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, was a lighthearted (and cute) opposite to the power of Diana. He was able to be the oogled, somewhat damsel character that we’re used to seeing as a woman. It was a refreshing change, and his character was still heroic and fresh.

The film even took a common trope of having some one die, in order to spur the hero on, and turned it on its head. Often a hero will loose his love interest and this will light a spark and give him the ‘encouragement’ to fight his battle. Think of Gwen Stacy and Spiderman, she died so that he could be a hero. Wonder Woman is no damsel, and she is not in destress, but she does loose Steven Trevor so that she can fight Aries and win.

While the villain of the film left something to be desired, that hardly mattered as I got to enjoy a woman kicking ass and owning her power. Hopefully this means that more excellent super ladies are on their way, because we need them.

*Image taken from Gal Gadot’s Instagram*


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