So Long Pretty Little Liars

I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars since it came out, and I was in love with the books before. The series just ended, and it left something to be desired.

Sure, I loved the show when it came out. It was clever, had strong female characters, a mystery and some amazing fashion. But after solving who A was the second time, it seemed to wind down for me. However, commitment is commitment and I had to finish the series, it wasn’t that it was horrible, but it had lost its magic.

The series finale was rushed. It took only a few minutes of Alex parading around as Spencer (in this episode) for the gang to figure it out, and even less time to catch her. I mean they were in the doll house for weeks, but Alex can’t keep up the act for more then a day? They could have done so much more with this plot if they wanted to.

Not to mention, that family sure has some problems. I can accept one hidden sister, but tossing in an evil twin? It was too much. Plus, why did she torture Hannah like that? Was it because she thought Hannah did something to Charlotte? It felt like they were grasping at straws to wrap things up, and rushed to put it together.

It was sentimental in the end though, like they said, it was the end of something. I also enjoyed how the end of the show reflected the beginning of the series, history repeating itself!

The finale also left me with questions, like how did Mona get Alex and Mary? Weren’t they being taken to jail? Well I guess it’s not PLL if you’re not left with a few questions.


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