Baby Drove

I don’t typically see action movies in theatres. I’m not talking about super hero movies, I’m talking car chases, senseless murder, and for lack of a better term, ‘bond girls’. But with the response that Baby Driver was getting, I was intrigued.

The movie was not like I expected. Sure it’s still an action film, there are car chases and murder and crime, but the movie was more then that. It had a real plot, it had fully fleshed characters, and it had music. That sounds strange, but a good soundtrack can make the difference from a sub par film to a classic for me.

If you haven’t seen Baby Driver you might be unaware with how important music is to the film. In fact there is almost no screen time when a song isn’t playing. I loved it. See, Baby plays music at all time because he has a permeant ringing in his ears, from a childhood accident. This leads Baby to keep a soundtrack playing at all times, one that works with the scene of course. The music helped convey what was happening in each scene in a way that I loved.

The plot of the movie was also intriguing. I mean why is Ansel Elgot, I mean Baby, driving a getaway car for hardened criminals? It’s an interesting story that has a lot of power in the most unexpected places. For example, Baby’s guardian is an old man who is deaf, meaning they used sign language to communicate. Something that’s so important and amazing to see on the big screen.

The film was also a love story. This was the part of the movie that I both loved and hated. Sure, the characters fit will together and had great character development, but they moved too quickly. Of course there’s only so much time in a movie, but it seemed as if Baby and Deborah only knew each other a few days before they were willing to risk their lives for one another. I mean she waited five years for him. As much as I love a good love story this was the part of the movie I couldn’t believe. (Ironic in an action movie right?)

This is the first action movie that I think I want to see again. So if you haven’t seen Baby drive yet, (I can’t get over the name Baby), you should. I hope that this is paving the way for more action movies that do more then show a fire fight. Drive on Baby.

*Photo is from the Baby Driver Instagram*


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