Spider(man) Teen

Thank you Marvel for providing a superhero that doesn’t seem to know exactly how to be a hero. The newest Spiderman, in Spiderman: Homecoming, Β is a teen trying to figure out girls as much as he is trying to figure out how to be super.

The humour in this movie was amazing, because it played on the fact that Peter is a teen, and he’s not perfect at anything. Not to mention his ‘man in the chair,’ Ned, who was hilarious and super in his own right.

The movie did everything right. From a ‘teen’ cast that actually looks like teenagers, to teen angst and humour. Not to mention how the movie played off of the other Avenger films, including featuring some of the Avengers themselves. Also, Spiderman proves himself a hero against all odds, even when his mentor Iron Man has given up on him, and taken his suit away.

Michael Keaton played the villain, Vulture, and did an amazing job. However, unlike many who watched him in his role as Batman, I know him as Jack Frost, from the film of the same name. If you’re unfamiliar, he plays a talking snowman, which had me feeling a bit conflicted when he was trying to be menacing.

The film was as much a superhero movie as it was a comedy, which I loved because it kept things generally light while still being an action flick. However, if you haven’t seen all of the other Marvel movies, you will probably be left a bit confused since the film begins after the first Avengers has ended, and reflects on the events of Captain America: Civil War.

One of the best moments of the film was the second bonus scene. Captain America plays a role in the film as being the face of high school teaching videos. After the credits he makes another appearance, and believe me, it’s worth the patience. (If you’ve seen it you’ll understand).

Young Spiderman is exactly the hero Marvel needed to add to the Avengers; someone young, funny and adorable. It will be great to see him alongside the Avengers again.

*Photo taken from Tom Holland’s Instagram*


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